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there are none...

anyone here willing to share some presets they've used on this particular pre and compressor? Im interested on VOCALS more than anything but all sets are welcome.

What sounds great to you with mic and instrument specifics, music genres. Tips, tricks?

I want a place to get started using it, plus, I still need some training on how to apply good compression.


p.s. i mainly use a Neumann TLM 103 for vocals, fender strat, and peavey millenium for bass. any comments are greatly appreciated, thanks!


KurtFoster Fri, 10/01/2004 - 12:14

With the 1176, I use the least amount I can dial in, to do the job .. it's a real lees is more kind of comp .. If pushed too hard the 1176 can get "grainy" sounding.

I like the 4 to 1 setting takeing up to 6dB of gain reduction ...

The best thing is to use your ears, learn what you like .. and what enevitably works for you in your mix's.

anonymous Sat, 10/02/2004 - 17:13

I use a 6176 for all of my spoken word recordings. The mics vary from an EV RE20 to a Rode NTK. But regardless of the mic, I have found two settings I like best for the 6176. For the most transparent sound, I use (on the mic-res side) 2000ohm impedence, -5 gain input, volume at 9-9.5, -3db at 10khz, -1.5db at 100khz... and on the 1176 side I use a #6 attack, #5 release, #5 input, #7 output, 4:1 ratio with gain reducing pretty consistent at 3-5 db. For a little color, I use a 2000ohm imp, +5 gain input, 7.5 volume, and no eq on the mic-pre side... and on the 1176 side I use #8 attack, #4 release, #7 input, #6 output, with 12:1 ratio that is limiting the peaks at about 5-7db. I find myself coming back to these settings the most. For guitar, it varies greatly by the type of music I am playing, as the 6176 can be very transparent to very colored or pumping. And unless I want to color the sound, I totally agree with Kurt that less is more with the 1176.
Steve G