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Mojave MA-1000 Signature Series Microphone
field tested against microphones often costing $20K or more – universally evoking the same ‘Wow’ response usually reserved for only the most prized vintage mics.

Drawing inspiration from some of yesterday’s most revered microphones, Technical Grammy® award winning microphone designer DAvid Royer has created a thoroughly modern tube microphone that features an original new old-stock 5840 tube, 251-style capsule, and custom designed transformer built by Coast Magnetics. The result? A sweet, airy top end, ‘you-are-there’ realism in the mids and an accurate yet authoritative bottom end.

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audiokid Fri, 09/22/2017 - 21:43

Mojave Audio MA-1000 Tube Condenser Microphone Demo

Dusty is so cool.

Mitch Gallagher sits down with Dusty Wakeman, President of Mojave Audio, to talk about the MA-1000 tube condenser microphone. Dusty explains the design philosophy, Mitch demonstrates acoustic guitar with the MA-1000, and Nick D'Virgilio demonstrates vocals on the MA-1000. In fact, all the audio for this video was captured with the MA-1000, including the interview audio.

I particularity found time line 12:50 interesting.


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