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I have a problem that I have had ever since Mac updated to Mojave. No one at Scarlett knows what the issue is so I am hoping someone here can help. I dont use any software. I have the Scarlett plugged directly into the mac by USB and I have a mic in position 1 and 1 in position 2.

The mic in #1 works fine meaning I have sound when I do my Podcast. The mic is #2 does not work, meaning there is no sound, but I do see the lights on the Scarlett light to indicate its working. I tested this issue by switching the cables/mics from position 1 and 2.

When i switched them, the mic that has previously not worked, now works fine and the one that worked before does not work anymore. So this tells me that the cables and the mics are not the problem. Im guessing that somehow my mac is no longer able to distinguish the 2 inputs and is treating it like one single mic.

Any one have any ideas how to fix this?