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Could someone attempt to describe what Pentode / Triode sound like? I believe the Crane Song HEDD unit actually has these as controls. If you can, please explain WHY they sound like they do as well. (And for love of god try not to be ambiguous and say something like "it sounds analog")


e-cue Sat, 07/13/2002 - 08:46

So I did a little reseach and mostly answered my own question. :roll:
Quote from crane song's website:
The triode function creates a triode like harmonic structure. This affects the bottom of your signal by fattening it up. This function contains strong even order harmonics. It should be noted that even order harmonics may or may not be easy to hear depending on the program and how much you are adding. This function is not strictly even order harmonics. The harmonic structure changes with signal level and the amount of process being applied, just like it does in a tube and the analog world.

The pentode function creates mostly third harmonic information but contains some even order harmonics and some higher order odd harmonics depending on the signal level and the amount of process. This is like driving a pentode into over load in a controlled manner. The pentode process makes things sound brighter, brings out detail, and also affects the triode process because the two processes are in series. There is also a compression effect that takes place if you run the process at higher settings."

Anyone have any examples of gear that does these kinda things other than the HEDD unit?

knightfly Mon, 07/15/2002 - 14:40

Carvin sells a little tube practice/studio amp for about $300 or so, that is switchable from 5 watts (triode) to 15 watts (pentode) - just saw it the other day in a new catalog, have NOT heard it and unfortunately don't live close to their main store in calif. -

Definitely NOT Hedd country, but might be an interesting studio amp... Steve