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I have never actually BOUGHT a mic stand. Now I am in a position that I need to buy enough for my studio. If anyone could recomenend a reliable brand, I would appreciate it.

I dont need starbirds or atlas stands.

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fetzir Wed, 12/24/2003 - 10:21

I've had good luck with AKG stands. There is very little plastic, and a whole bunch of metal, very sturdy, very dependable. I have (6) of them and they look and perform wonderfully. I believe they are the KM 210/91's, but I'm shooting from memory at this point. They're about middle of the road at $50/each.

Doublehelix Thu, 12/25/2003 - 14:38

AKG makes some great mic clips too...beat the heck out of the standard Shure ones for "regular" SM57/SM58 sized mics...

I bought 3 of the great big boom stands on the big casters with the big counter weights. Great to have around the studio for drum overheads, and was mentioned to hold the big heavy condensers without drooping. Best buy I ever made on mic fuss, no muss. The lack of hassle is worth the price, believe me!