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Hey I'm looking for a decent acoustic drum VST like brushes and all that. I'm looking to do some stripped down versions of songs. Any suggestions?

Also, how about a slide guitar VST or a lap slide VST, the kind you hear in country songs, or "Freedom Isn't Free" from Team America.

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hueseph Thu, 01/07/2010 - 08:47

Brushes is easy but it costs money. You could look into either Superior Drummer, BFD or EZDrummer. All three have brush samples, midi based and come with midi loop libraries. Prices range from $150-$190 for EZDrummer with Jazz EZX add on or up to $400 for BFD or Superior Drummer. The other option is audio loops which you could get from Beta Monkey Music.

As far as guitar slide, I don't think there is anything convincing out there.