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Anyone use TUBE TECH MP1A?


anonymous Mon, 07/05/2004 - 14:01

It is a great preamp. I use it a lot on voice over recordings and singers and use the instruments input to warm up synths.
I cannot compare it to the preamps you're talking about. The only serious comparison I did was with API mic pres and the oter Vintech, the 81. I also have the Summit MPA 200.
The API and Vintech have a brighter, cleaner sound. I found the Summit much closer, probably because of the tubes.
The MP1A seems to have more bottom. I find myself using it more for male voices or as a DI for bass or guitar with great results.
The only complaint I have is that it does not have a clip led, so you don't really know how hard you're hitting the valves if your signal is hot. It is not the quietest preamp in the world, but it has a nice, mellow sound. Probably pretty expensive compared to other products in the same category (the Dollar is weak compared to the Euro right now), because it's a pretty simple preamp with no extra features, except for a 20Hz/40Hz hi pass filter that would be more useful if aimed at a slightly higher freq.
Mine is about 8 years old. Never had to replace the tubes...