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This is the first track for my next album. This song was a collaboration between an old school buddy who now lives in London and myself.

Alan is a good friend from our school days where we played together in a band back in the 70's.

Our old school band had a reunion in March this year where we recorded one of our songs. The song was written in 1973.

After the reunion Alan and I decided to start writing together and this song is the result. We wrote the song by sending ideas back and forward from London to South Africa and I put together a demo of the final song. Once Alan arrived in Joburg he replaced his rough piano with the final parts.

I used the Kemper direct for the Les Paul and Helix Native VST for the Strat tones.

The piano is a Yamaha P45. The Rhodes piano was recorded using the Lounge Lizard VST.

The drums are Gretsch Catalina Birch and were recorded with a D112 on the kick, SM57s on the toms (SM58 on the floor tom and Behringer B1s on the hats and overheads. An SE2200 was used as a room mic.

The acoustic guitar is an Ibanez Artwood and it was recoded with an SE2200 mic.

The bass guitar was recorded using the Kemper direct.

Hope you enjoy.


PJH Mon, 11/27/2023 - 02:57

Thanks AK!

Not sure I'm understanding you. The solo tone was a profile of my Marshall JCM2000 set to clean with an MI Audio Crunchbox in front of the amp. The actual profile was captured as is with the pedal, the amp and speaker cab in the chain.

I miced the speaker with an SM57. You can of course alter the eq etc once you've saved the profile but I like to try and capture it as well as I can.

I'm not sure if that answers your question.



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