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Hi all, hoping to offer advice about Cubase recording and playback, more to come!
Please leave any questions or Comments!

Digital Playback

When Playing back music using Software recording programs such as Cubase, I always use the Timing Offset tool to delay or advance each individual track to help make a song groove better, eg. Try advancing a snare track by -0.200ms ……this makes the Drummer sound right on top of the Beat and pushing the song forward!, or delaying a guitar or Vocal track by +0.300ms gives an interesting effect of dragging the song, Experiment is the key word!

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pcrecord Tue, 01/20/2015 - 11:10

This is making no sens if done on a recipe manner or with trials and errors!

Everybody reacts differently to timing, to a click or other instruments.
I played drums for the pas 32 years and a was always a bit early on the click (equally most of the time). So if you move me around in an arbitrary manner you would push may further away from the click. This has no impact unless there is midi or quantised instrument involve in the song.

So, if you can identify that a musician is always late and another is always early (by the same amount of time) you can zoom both tracks and align them on a common peak they share.

Just my opinion ! ;)

KurtFoster Tue, 01/20/2015 - 11:31

just because you can, doesn't mean you should. imo this is a major problem with DAW recording. too many tools, in the hands of people who misuse the power available ........... mommie! look what i did!

this stuff should not be necessary. dragging tracks is a hangover from the world of MIDI programming, a way to add a little feel in a sterile drum program.

i do not like, midi production, i do not like it, Sam i am ........ get a mic and a MUSICIAN ....

the best way to make a great recording is to start with great musicians great performance and a great song ...... and if you don't have those things, then what's the point in even trying?

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