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Ok first I have been using Proteus VX E-Mu's free sequencer for a little while now and really like it, but i have been unable to do one thing and that depends if you can actually do this but ok there are 1-16 midi channels that i currently have my WK-8000 keyboard controlling so i apply a preset or sample to channel 1 lets say and then go to my keyboard then press an B note and that preset plays just like it should but when i try to apply more than 1 preset to more than 1 midi channel only the first midi channel plays aka channel 1. Can anyone help me with this i was under the impression that i could use more than 1 channel at the same time lets say a piano and violin preset are applied to channel 1 and 2 then I go and press a key and both of them play their sample of that note. Is that correct can proteus VX do this? if so how do i make more than one channel play?

Now on to my next question I really want to get this E-Mu music library
but i would like to hold off on buying Proteus X2( FULL VERSION) if possible if this free version can do all i need, which it looks like it can. So does anyone know if i can use this music library in the free Proteus VX? I emailed E-Mu but they couldnt quite answer me.

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AudioGaff Tue, 12/09/2008 - 08:30

If your keyboard has a sequencer, it may be able to transmit all 16-MIDI channels at one time but not likely the keyboard. The keyboard may have configurable zones and each zone can often transmit on different MIDI channel.

Proteus VX has no hard disk streaming capability as the X2 version does so all banks must be able to load and fit in available RAM. And if using as VSTi, then RAM is also shared with the DAW software.

The full Proteus X2 is like what $99? Well worth it and you get all the benifits.

rockdude Fri, 12/12/2008 - 03:45

I emailed E-MU about it and he said first I have to figure out if my keyboard can broadcast more than one channel (I have a Casio WK-8000 keyboard) then change it the problem is i have no idea I have looked all over the internet about my keyboard and cant find anything about broadcasting mutliple midi channels. Anyone out there know anything about this that can mabye help me out? I really wana know if I can broadcast more than 1 midi channel with my keyboard.

AudioGaff Fri, 12/12/2008 - 19:07

First, RTFM. If it has or does not have the capability it should be mentioned in the manual. Second, E-MU knows E-MU stuff. Contact Casio support, the maker of the keyboard.

Most standard and cheaper keyboards and MIDI controllers only transmit MIDI note messages on one MIDI channel at one time.

Why do you need transmit more than one MIDI channel at one time from you keyboard?

Go with the assumption that the keyboard can not transmit more than one MIDI channel at one time. Like all problems, try to work the poblem in a different way to get the same results. That is why it is called audio engineering.

Record each part on a separate track in your DAW software and then assign each track to a MIDI channel. Assign one preset in Proteus VX to each desired MIDI channel.

If you want the exact same part on many tracks, record one track and copy it to other tracks. Then assign each track a MIDI channel. Assign your presets to MIDI channels in Proteus VX. Done.