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What is the difference between TL Audio and HHB? Their stuff seems very similar.

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Guest Sat, 12/29/2001 - 07:20

Bummer! I dunno. I can tell you that the Grey (UK) or classic series runs at a higher voltage than the Ivory (UK) or Radius (US) series, I have one unit form each series and like em both

Classic EQ1 (grey) stereo Mic pre / eq unit
Grain on HF eq is great for Bvox layering and some gtr work
TLA 5051 Ivory series (HHB Radius 40 purple in USA)
A mic pre / eq / compressor unit - I use it on guide vocals and some lead vocals if I want an overloaded sound.. (partners up well on TLM 103 IMHO)

Real sucsess story that range - by a couple brothers who traded in used & new studio gear.


anonymous Wed, 01/02/2002 - 19:59

The classic 70 duel pre and eq retails for about $2249. These are not the most popular gear around but I picked up mine for around $1000 and it sounds awsome. You can drive it hard or keep'er smooth. I mainly use it on kick and snare and acoustic guitar with a pair of Neumann 184's. They couple well with the Neumanns. This is the only TLAaudio or HHB gear I've heard though.

I'd say pick them up while people are ignorant to the sound quality these things are.

anonymous Thu, 01/03/2002 - 10:09

Originally posted by subspace:
I've had the TL Audio Classic Series dual mic pre for about 5 1/2 years and I'm still ignorant as to how to make it sound good! I keep it for it's ability to generate white noise on a screamer through a choked 57, does that qualify as sounding good?

I guess. Does it sound good?? I useually put the 57 on the snare and like the results, drummer may vary.

I haven't heard that unit but I like the EQ on the 70

anonymous Thu, 01/03/2002 - 13:37

I tried the classic TL Audio gray dual mic pres on KM184 overheads. It helped soften the attack and darken the bright overheads that usually sticks out too much in Protools tracked sessions.

This was only one session so far, but I was shocked that I liked it. The TL Audio is usually too dark or muffled for most things in the past...