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audiokid Sat, 03/19/2022 - 18:40

Wow, this thing looks awesome.

UnFairchild 670M II.jpg

Very versatile compressor that takes the iconic 670 design and improves upon it. Things like a hard bypass, input or output / trim features, M/S processing, filters for vinyl and hpf kick drum/ subs. Beautiful!

audiokid Sat, 03/19/2022 - 19:13

 Awesome sound. Wish he matched the comparison levels better. It's how I can determine changes when comparing an A/B.

What a great sound! I'd be all over this. $11,000 is no doubt pricey but its actually a great deal comparing something that would take a few products to achieve a M/S processing with compression. Example: UnFairchild 670M II vs. Dangerous Master with two compressors.

audiokid Sun, 04/03/2022 - 17:37

Great question.

The hardware Unfairchild 670 would be absolutely stellar on polishing up a mix and I suspect just beautiful for tracking almost everything you run through it. Vocals and bass (the motown R&B, groovy lush music etc etc etc) comes to mind but there are no rules on how we use gear, that's for sure.

The 670 was originally used in broadcast and vinyl mastering.

When I used to record and mix with a hybrid analog system (a few years back), I would use a combination of high quality analog tools to shape sound. I would use a few UA LA2A, UA 1176 LN together with a Dangerous Master, which is a M/S mastering console.
The Unfairchild 670 can accomplish a some of what I used, all-in- one for less $!

Mid/Side processing can split the middle of a mix (mono) and sides (left right), thus, enabling you to be able to do a lot more in a mix. This process can help you improve the focus "or screw it up too!  Example of MS... you can independently work the middle of a mix while effecting more or less to no filtering or applying effects on the sides of a mix. Eqing, compressing, reverb etc.

The software version of the 670 is an emulation of what the original Fairchild 670 could accomplish (I think).
The Unfairchild (OP video) is a remake of the original Fairchild 670 but on steroids!

Heres an example: I'll try and find some examples later for you.


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