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Im looking to pickup some good mic cables and noticed there are quite a few differnet types.
Some being Hi-z, some Lo-z. What is the differnce and what would be a good mic cable type and brand for dynamic/condensor mic. thanks

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anonymous Tue, 12/16/2003 - 10:59

Ragele , the difference is in the electronics a low Z input is like a mic pre/input to a mixing board (300-600 ohms usually) with a XLR ( round 3 pin connector ) a hi Z input is like a guitar input on an amp it has a 1/4" phone plug ( like on your guitar ) these are in the 5000-10000 ohm range ) they do not overlap IE sending a high Z input to a low Z input will not work very well and vis-versa.

The different cords you can by ( mic cable etc.) are sorted by quality mainly Radio Shack = crap , this is because the cable itself is of low quality , the better the cable the better the sound 90% of the time ( of course if the sound source sucks so will the recorded sound)


I hope this helped



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