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Anyone know of a flange or some sort of adapter that turns these cheap 5-pin din d-sub connectors:

into a d-series connector that I can attach to a rack panel like this:


Boswell Mon, 10/12/2020 - 15:12

That top photo is not a D-series connector of any sort - it's a 5-pin 180 degree standard-size DIN socket.

You don't give any dimensional information about your panel, but assuming it's 1U high, those holes look like punch-outs for XLR panel-mount sockets.

Please explain what you are trying to do that makes you need a D-series connector. Both the connector and the panel holes you show are circular and not D-shape.

dvdhawk Mon, 10/12/2020 - 19:00

This just in: If you don't already have the 5-pin DIN connectors, Redco sells a beauty for panel mount and if you want, they can also supply the D-Series adapter plate.

The Switchcrafts are available from Markertek too. Markertek and Redco are both great companies to deal with. I especially like the Redco customized DP Labelling options for a custom rack panel.

I've used a lot of the Neutrik blanks on installations.
If you decide to drill blanks to fit your 5-pin DIN you'll want these Neutrik blanks. (or the Redco version I mentioned earlier)

NOT these Neutrik blanks, the imprinted logo on these might interfere with your mount.

Best of luck.