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Hello microphiles,
there are two microphones i have been looking into after deciding on a dedicated vocal microphone. I since have used an sm57 for scratches and an earthworks tc25 omni ( part of drum kit) for better vocals which to me sound okay. I have also been using a studio projects c1 borrowed from a friend. All sessions are recorded in a sorta dedicated closet treated with a mattress, carpet,and some blankets with one side being the thin wood closet door that will be mattressed up soon enough.
After reading the recent under 1k mic thread, I have been close to purchasing the bluebird(300$), until a friend at gc recommended a sterling audio mic at the same price. Eventually i was suggested the st69 tube mic with own power supply(600$)
My voice is that of a male tenor in academic training and have influences from Andrea Bocceli, Josh Groban, Jeff Buckley. And interested ina mic dedicated for this kind of sound.
I am currently one step from buying a vox mic. However, advice from the .org would be taken into consideration. Many have praised the bluebird at 300$ ... While the sterling has been praised by a Neumann tlm and sterling st69 owner ranged at 600$.
Is the bluebird in the same level as the ster. St69? Or is praise froM the bluebird only coming from a lower budget limited crowd?


soapfloats Sat, 08/22/2009 - 17:34

The only issues I have w/ the BB:

It's a hot mic, so it cuts. The more nasal/cutting the vocal, the more this will be accentuated. That's really two issues in one, I guess. Otherwise it is a really nice mic that compares well w/ more expensive condensers.

You can check my Vocal Mic Tests under the Microphones forum for a couple of examples.

rockstardave Thu, 08/27/2009 - 06:36

the st69 looks to be exactly the same as the m-audio sputnik, but in an aesthetically different enclosure. all the specs are identical, and even the tube box is identical.

i have a sputnik and like it a lot. much smoother and silkier than the BLUE would be be.

dont get me wrong, bluebirds are badass. but maybe check into the BLUE Baby Bottle.

i dont think you'll make a bad decision either way


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