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Hey guys...i'm having problem of playing my Genelec 1030A loud cuz of low end whn i crank it up the sub frequencies choke up the speaker...and clients think that my mixes sucks sometimes...they will never realise that its not the loudness thats needed to be heard its the clearity...but u can't win its wht evry other wants LOUDNESS. .grrrrr. ok so can anyone tell me how to i add a subwoofer to my syste, so that the sub frequencies can be distributed to the woofer and the rest to the main monitors...this is wht my current system is in order of its connection

Digi002----->Mixer>Genelec 1030A
Speakers are powered and gets the input as TRS/XLR.
wht i was thinking that how do i distrubute the frequencies to the third speaker that is the woofer... cuz i don't wanna just send the signal to woofer of every channel. .to hear the bass...that won't solve the problem cuz it will still chok the speakers whn i crank up..i want sumthing like crossover i guess the rite word to be used ovr here. wht way can i achieve it...or if that does'nt help thn recommend me sumthing loud with woofer option to be added...under 2000$

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AudioGaff Thu, 06/14/2007 - 22:28

A matching Genelec sub would be best, but any decent sub would help. I recently got to audition the fairly new E-MU PS12 sub and that things kicks some serious ass! Sure surprised me. I have the Genelec 1031's and have been planning to get a Genelelec sub to match, but I am now rethinking that as the E-MU PS12 is a serious contender. I know that I will at least have to get one for my home stereo sub.

You should also know that the 1030's only have 80W for the speaker and 50W for the highs. The low end spec is 55Hz. A six inch speaker is just not capable of producing low freq very well or accurately. I would bet that the real problem is that they are well underpowered for your needs. Even if you get a real good sub, it isn't going to make the kind of difference that a properly powered monitor would and even then, you still may need a sub.

AudioGaff Fri, 06/15/2007 - 11:45

You have already been told that any decent powered sub should and can help. No one can really know or suggest something specific because no one knows you room, your specific needs or your specific expectations and few people are able to describe their needs in words well enough for someone else to make a specific suggestion. That advice goes for just about all gear not just subs.

Buy from a place with a good return policy and then try it out for yourself.