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I'm asking the aged brains here - I bought an old AKG 451 E off ebay - clearly liquidated stock from a failed audio company - but mainly because 1. It was black and all mine are silver, and 2. it had the metal slide on basket windshield. From the pictures it had a CK1 cardioid capsule.

Anyway, unplugging a working 451 E and swapping it for the new one revealed a few things - first, it didn't work - well it could just be heard if I scratched the top but more worryingly, the capsule wouldn't unscrew. I know the newer 451 EB has a fixed capsule, but this is an 'E'. I cannot unscrew it with pressure my courage limits.

I'm thinking the capsule was screwed in far too hard and the pins at the bottom also seem a little more protruded than usual, again making me think it's been wrenched.

Has anyone ever come across older 451 E's with fixed capsules? The seller's taking it back anyway, but I've never come across older fixed capsule before?

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ronmac Sat, 11/14/2020 - 06:31

cyrano, post: 465979, member: 51139 wrote: The newer one is the 451B, with fixed capsule. IIRC, 451EB is 451E in black.

I have a 451EB which had a stuck CK8 when I bought it. Put it in the hot sun, applied some WD40 to the threads and got it loose eventually. Required some swearing. The CK8 survived.

I owned a silver EB, as shown below (not mine). The EB version has a three position low cut switch.

paulears Sat, 11/14/2020 - 06:48

Sorry I'm even more confused now! I though we were saying the EB with switch was the fixed version - the current 451B is the fixed I think, so E and EB have removable capsules - this means the one I had being an E SHOULD have come undone, but my courage left me! The picture is the fixed one on the Thomann site with two switches - maybe that iOS the key? 2 switches = fixed?

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ronmac Sat, 11/14/2020 - 07:04

To further confuse you I stated in error the new version model number, since corrected in my post text.

Versions I am aware of:

C451 E available in silver and black and interchangeable capsules
C451 EB available in silver and black and interchangeable capsules, with 3 position low cut switch
C451 B modern version with fixed cardioid capsule only


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