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I'm thinking of investing in a DI and a few of my friends have recommended the Avalon and the Manley. I'm not sure how each one fairs up so yes, would very much appreciate it if I could get some opinion?



AudioGaff Wed, 06/09/2004 - 10:20

Both are very good DI boxes. The Avalon seems to be more popular and well loved. I like the Manley DI but some of newer tube DI units from Millennia Media, Groove Tubes and Aguliar got a nice tone to them as well. I've got the hard to find/get Eclair Engineering Evil Twin and am very happy with it's performance.

anonymous Wed, 06/09/2004 - 18:44

well, i'd mainly use for live performances. If i wanted to record i'd probably get a nice pre-amp, though that's kinda outta my budget atm. Thing is, the stores that do sell them are quite far away (thank the land down under) so before i take that trip i guess it'd be a good idea to know what i'm should be looking for. Heh...the only DI's i've used are the proco passive and berrinhger active ones.

anonymous Wed, 06/09/2004 - 21:52

I have the Manley. I love it! Beautiful sound. I bought it because someone strongly recommended that I get a DI. I never thought it could make such a difference. What a surprise!!! The five position eq that gives you truly different useable tones. It beats anything else I've tried for guitars ands basses. I always use it when tracking synths and samplers. I get a better, fuller sound, noiseless,...
Taking it on the road is an other question... Will it stand rough travelling conditions??? It has tubes in it but Manley construction is outstanding. I don't know much about electronics, but if you get a chance to look inside of their boxes, you'll understand that what you pay is what you get...
One thing you probably know, but it's very important: The output of a DI is not at line level, but at microphone level. Make sure you have a nice mic preamp behind it or the use of a high quality DI is totally pointless.
If it's too much trouble, then you should look at a good quality mic preamp WITH an instrument input that will output healthy levels that can run long distances for live application...

Have a nice day,



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