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Hi there guys, i need some help. one of the songs i will be tracking shortly has a cool intro and i have an idea to make it even better and more eerie sounding. i would like to take the melody of the intro and make it sound like the eerie sound a baby mobile has when it plays back (its the object that normally hangs above a childs cradle playing tunes as it spins around.

Does anyone know of an instrument plugin etc that emulates this sort of sound etc?

or how can i go about getting this vibe.



dvdhawk Mon, 03/02/2009 - 11:06

GRM Tools Reson Plug-In is capable of making some twisted metallic tones.
Waves Enigma and MondoMod can handle the warbling weirdness part.


Enter "Child's Music Box" in the Quick Search at this site and listen to their lo-fi previews. I know you want to use your own melody, but it might spark some creative ideas.

Buying one of their hi-fi royalty-free soundclips might also save you buying a Plug-In bundle or a half day's work trying to create something from scratch.