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I'm sorry guys. a lot has been covered on monitors, but I've come to a point in which I'd like specifics.

I want to replace my Event TR8's...I don't like them!

I was looking at these to replace the TR8's:

-Wharfedale 8.2 actives
-Yamaha MSP5's
-KRK V6's

I've heard good stuff about all of them, but here is what I want. . detail, accuracy, and truth.

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anonymous Mon, 07/11/2005 - 23:19

I have the dynaudio bm5's, The accuarcy is great on them. I previously had a set of 1st edition krk rokit's (which i believe have the same drivers and tweeters as the v6's just passive) and hafler amplification. I still use both systems for mixing. both are great, just different flavors, Id have to say with the dynaudios you can hear everything.... i mean everything.

anonymous Mon, 07/11/2005 - 23:37

I've heard the Wharfedales and they are good, they certainly fit into the 'Bang for buck' category to the extreme! They are so cheap for what they are. I'd stick to the actives.

Dynaudio's are sweet. I have the BM15a's. But I'm not sure...I think even the passives with a decent amp would be out of your budget judging from the recommendations you've selected.

I would not get the dynes without an excellent amp to power, them. I the range you are looking at I'd stick to actives, unless you are prepared to shell ouit for a nice amp, like the Hafler perfectwave has mentioned also.

The only KRK's I liked were the 6000b's. I had the - Roks and they were very clear and detailed, but I found the freq balance on them quite not to my liking . Baring in mind the amp I was driving them was a low end Yamaha, which did them no justice!

Out of your list, I'm not sure you could go wrong. They are to me all a much of a muchness....good low cost bang for da buck mons which are all capable of giving good mixes given some learning and adjusting. I'm really honestly not at all sure if any of these units are an upgrade at all from your events! More like a cross grade and even nearly a downgrade in some ways. But if you don't like them, that is the key statement that says you are heading in the right direction by looking at other options.

The Mackie HR824's would give you more accuracy, truth and detail than any of these choices. The Dynaudio's definately would...but again, budget. It's just I've seen the Mackies on the 'bay quite cheapish. Though for some reason the Mackies to me were less forgiving of my room anomolies than the Dynes, the K-Roks and the JBL's I used to have.

What was your budget?

therecordingart Mon, 07/11/2005 - 23:56

I don't really have a "budget" planned out...I'd like to stay as inexpensive as possible, but get something as professional as possible. If that means and all around good pair of monitors costs about $ be it....but there has to be a diamond in the rough out there that meets cost friendly and good.

To be honest....I borrowed some Event 20/20's for a few days....and they were just a little more ok than my TR8's. This is my opinion of course, and it could be my room (even though it is treated pretty well). I'm not saying there wasn't a difference between the two, there was, but they were different...not better. My mix translated differently between the two monitors, but neither translated in the right direction.

anonymous Tue, 07/12/2005 - 00:12

The dynaudio's i have are the active's (bm5a's). They are actually bi amped, you can get them on e bay brand new for $900-1000. Im having troubles in my listening environment in the low end. I get good accuracy in the mid/high range with them , just having trouble with my low end. Im using the blue sky universal 8 sub, I think my room is my main problem when it comes to the low end.
Not to get off art's subject but if anyone in here knows how to get clean strong bass response in a small (i mean small) room, let me know im dying to fix my low end problem. sorry art if im jumpin on your post.

anonymous Tue, 07/12/2005 - 07:22

Sorry Perfectwave, I remember some time ago you clarifed the BM5a's being the actives. re: your bottom (end :) I can only suggest good quality bass trapping. Other than that, tuning your sub very carefully till you get what you are after. Also using commercial mixes with similar bass you are after. Perhaps a combo? I know exactly your problem, and it took mew a long time to resolve it myself. I feel a lot of cheaper and even more expensive models allow great mixes out of the box but for the bass, which is always the most problematic, due to room nodes creating standing waves: Bass waves either re-enforcing themselves or cancelling themselves out upon reflection from surface to surface in a room.

Cucco Tue, 07/12/2005 - 08:45

I second the Dynaudios - any of them. They are very clear and quite nice. What you hear is what you get.

However, let me throw a monkey wrench into the equation -

Check out the paradigm monitor series. They're a hi-fi speaker, but they sound damn nice. They'll set you back roughly $800-$1000 (used to new) but are worth it. Pair them with a Hafler amp (also used for around $200) and you should be rockin!

Between this setup and the Dyn BM5a's, it would be a tough call, but I would lean towards the paradigms. Now, if you can go the route of the BM15s (passive or active) you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

I have a review of the BM15 passives coming to these pages very soon!


McCheese Tue, 07/12/2005 - 15:30

I'll third the BM5A's. Not to discount the pardigms (I love those speakers). I've got the dynaudios and they're great.

On another note, m-audio has revamped the BX5, totally new look and driver design it seems. Anyone hear it yet? Looking at the materials (Kevlar cones) it seems they're trying to match KRK somewhere.

anonymous Tue, 07/12/2005 - 16:23

Have a look at Wilmslow Audio. I haven't heard their monitors yet but I built a set of their cheapest hi-fi speakers (£245 and about £70 in oak and MDF) and they blow the s**t out of my Spirit absolute 4p's for clarity. I'm planning on building their studio monitors next and if they impress I'm moving on to some custom full range speakers with 15" ATC drivers, ATC midrange and a Seas Excell tweeter :D :D

schizojames Tue, 07/12/2005 - 16:55

As far as Wharfedale's go, I went with the Diamond 9.2's. Combined with decent amplification, these sound more accurate than almost any other passives in this price range. It may just be my room, but the frequency response on these puppies is VERY flat down to around 40 or 50Hz. Also, they have a cool shape necessary for eliminating standing waves inside the box. They have larger versions if you need a little more bass response or a little farther throw, but it was hard enough to just hand over $500, so these do it for me.