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Hi! Right now I have a Digitech BP90 bass pedal and I like the outboard effects because they are quick to navigate different presets with the foot and all. I also own an Acoustic and i'm planing on getting an electric.
My question is, is it possible to find one pedal that's good for all three guitars?


paulears Sun, 04/15/2018 - 00:00

It is, but only IF, the player likes the sound. I have a Behringer processor - had it for years, and I have a Line 6 too, but I like the Behringer better, as the sounds it has fit me better. I don't normally use any pedals or processing on my bass, when I'm playing that. However, a year or so ago, for van space, I needed to play guitar and bass through my 8x10 cab for a show, so tried the Behringer on that, and it was fine for the guitar, using the bass cab and amp. Then, just for experiment, I discovered some of the effects work quite good for couple of songs we do. I'm quite happy sharing the system between bass and guitar. Our guitarist thinks I am stupid. It should be bass for bass, and guitar for guitar. I simply go with what sounds good to me.