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Is there a specific chair that's most loved by music producers?

Or one you use and would recommend?

My current chair is literally almost a 90 degree "L" shaped hard chair with almost no padding and needless to say, it's very uncomfortable. Looking to up my chair and desk game.

I know Herman Miller chairs are amazing, although way out of my budget. I'd buy one used, but I'm currently living in Mexico, I've seen some of them on Facebook Marketplace, but they're still around $1000 USD.


audiokid Mon, 03/27/2023 - 09:01

I've tried a few types of chairs and the one I preferred the most was a simple office chair with a low back and one that that I could also remove the arm rests so I can pick up a guitar or swing about while sitting at the desk.

One that is whisper quiet is also extremely important. Seems the simpler the chair the better imho. No squeaks and not all bulky!

Low back chairs are also my preferred choice because I don't want the back of the chair creating any weird reflections during mixing.


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