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I found some Black Akg c1000s. Are these a older model. if so whats the difference from the new ones?

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dvdhawk Wed, 09/22/2010 - 10:35

I have one of each, there's not really any difference in sound ( VERY bright and hyped up treble ). You have to use them with some care to avoid a harsh trebly mess.

As far as I know, all black versions are made in Austria, most silver models are made in Austria, the newer silver ones with the LED are made in Poland

Link555 Wed, 09/22/2010 - 13:33

Woops you are right its Austria not Germany, sound wise there no difference I could tell.....

most people hate them around here, I am not one of them. I find useful for a number of things...distant room mikes for acoustic gtr, bottom of the snare when you can get them at least 6 inches away, and percussion when you get them far enough away.

dvdhawk Wed, 09/22/2010 - 15:30

latinboy642003, post: 354053 wrote: i have someone selling both for $200. worth it?

If they're fully functional, $200 would be a fair price to most people. Any chance you can test them before you buy them? Condenser mics can be ruined by moisture, so a test (or return policy) would be a good idea.

I'm with Link, and not a hater of the C1000 for certain tasks (live or recording). Although given their almost excessive high-end, I can't imagine who uses the "presence booster', their hyper-cardioid attachment can be useful if your pre-owned mics have them. The C1000 takes an extra large micstand-clip, so make sure it comes with the original or other suitable clip. They usually come with a case, clip, foam windscreen, presence-booster, and hypercardioid adaptor.

Good luck!