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I posted in the forum before and received very helpful information so I'm going to give it another go. I have an audio rack with a mixer and other gear. My powerhead is a Peavey DPC-1000. I have a set of 3 way stereo speakers, like the kind that you would hook up to your stereo receiver for home theater. The speakers have the terminals for speaker wire connection. what I'm wanting to know is if it's somehow possible to use my Peavey powerhead with these speakers. Kind of an odd question I know. This isn't a mission critical setup, just want to know if I can use them, and if so, how to hook them up? Thanks!


Boswell Tue, 05/24/2016 - 10:16

You don't give the make and model number of your speakers, but I would be inclined not to connect what are essentially hi-fi speakers to a 500W/channel amplifier designed for PA and instrument amplification work. Even the amplifier's switch-on and switch-off thumps could blow the woofer cones out on those speakers. In addition, amplifiers of that type are not the best choice for use in studio monitoring.

If you want to retain your existing speakers, then reasonably good hi-fi or semi-pro amplifiers are available at a low cost these days, and it would be better to get one of those, just to protect the speakers. I don't know if you are considering connecting the power amplifier input to the output of your mixer, but, if so, you should use the RCA (unbalanced) outputs of the mixer to avoid balanced/unbalanced conversion and also not to overload the amplifier's input.

An altogther better investment would be a pair of powered monitors. These have internal amplifiers matched to the loudspeaker drive units and are designed specifically for studio monitoring.


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