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Lots of questions over the years about this. How to get those early classic Motown, Stax, etc kind of bass tones on a recording. A lot of home enthusiasts look for this. With the emulation software and the plugs available its much easier to simulate the deep clear yet somehow slightly blurred sound of those days. The first thing is to play the bass lines like the arrangements were then. this, in itself, is the very first step. The rest belongs to the gear.

Here's a quick photo-tutorial on how I get these things in my room. YMMV...

In this case its a 1967 Ampeg B-15. Recapped and brought back to original. It has a newer Eminence Beta 15 speaker which has less 'flab' than the original. There's an SM7b just off the dust cap, a vintage U87 out a couple of feet for the 'bloom' and a DI into a Neve-like preamp. Both mics are through a Manley DMMP.

The bass is a 62 Fender P-Bass build I completed last year. The neck is Custom Shop 62 replacement model they made in 2000. It has a Duncan Antiquity and all other parts are period correct. Just over 8lbs and vibrant. Medium gauge LaBella flats. Boom.

Bon Appetit.

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