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I'm thinking of upgrading my studio monitors from passive Tannoy Reveals w/ Tannoy PS110B sub to either Dynaudio BM6a or Dynaudio BM5a. The 5a is pretty new and maybe many of you haven't heard them (Guitar Center has them for demo, but none in stock for purchase in Minneapolis), but I'm mostly interested in how you think they might compare to the 6a, where the 5a is in someways a 6a with the power amp output reduced in half. I'm somewhat concerned about the 50/50 w amps being underpowered compared to the 100/100 w of the 6a and the effect that could have on the sound quality. I hardly ever listen at loud volume levels and I will get a sub, probably the BM9S sub since it's a sealed system and I prefer tight/accurate bass. Unless you can also recommend a sub alternative that's tight.

I'm just mostly wondering if it's worth paying 50% more for the 6a when I am getting a sub and don't need the extra low end that it offers over the 5a? But maybe the larger power amps would make it worth it? I'm also not sure if the tweeters in the 5a and 6a are the same, or similar, which is a concern? I've seen nothing by praise for the 6a so that's mainly what I'm basing my decision to go Dynaudio on. And I did like the sound at Guitar Center of the 5a, even if I dread shopping there. ;o)

I look forward to your thoughts!




McCheese Mon, 05/02/2005 - 16:38

I have the BM5a's and love them, but haven't been able to compare them to the 6a's. My understanding was that they have a reduced power amp, and although the drivers themselves are built at the same factory as all Dynaudio's other products, they are assembled into the cabs by little kids in China or something. Not sure about the amps. Still solidly build monitors, with a bit more visual appeal (for the clients, I don't care) than the 6a's, but I'm betting the 6a's are a little better.

anonymous Tue, 05/03/2005 - 16:28

The room is 10' x 15', 8.5' ceiling, carpet on floor, with a slight irregularity on one of the 15ft walls (sticks out 8" for 5' of the wall in one corner where there's a bathtub in the bathroom next door), with lots of cabinets and studio gear. I haven't even applied any sound treatment to the room yet, with all the stuff I have in it it's a reflective room in a pretty pleasing way (moved into the house 6 months ago). It's quite noticably better sounding than the 13' x 23' basement I was in before. I have the monitors at one end of the 15' ft expanse, 2 ft from the rear wall, 2 ft from the side walls, sub in the middle. It's probably a smaller room as far as rooms go. I have Auralex foam from the old house, I may play around with sticking that up in the front, sides and rear just to see if I like the "sound" of that.

I haven't seen the 6a anywhere locally, I would love to hear them and compare. Studio gear shopping options are not that great in Minneapolis. Listening to monitors at the Guitar Center can be a bit of a joke because of the way they have them positioned, too high on the shelf, not far enough apart and too close to the wall, but you do your best. Not to mention the DJ section next door that needs to endlessly demonstrate the bass potential of a PA system.



moinho Tue, 05/31/2005 - 13:52

I do own a pair of BM5A for some weeks now and had A/Bd them with the BM6A (but not very throughoutly, as they were above the price range I wanted to spend in) and personally liked the BM5As better than their bigger brethren...I'd describe it as "more precise in the mids" ;). This opinion was seconded by the guy at the shop.

BTW, mine say "made in Denmark", so I'm not sure about the little chinese kiddies assembling them...

Attaching a sub might be a good idea if your room allows for it.

My personal experience was that the line in the manual telling you to burn them in has to be taken seriously. Perhaps I'm telling you something that everybody here knows anyway, but the quality difference right out of the box vs. after a few hours of playing was astounding.