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Ok, I know it's again another preamp post ! lol
So I'll make it short.
I already have 2 LA-610, 4-710, 4x ISA and a RME Fireface 800
I need at least 4 more preamp, to allow me to track a full band and this is not happening very often.
Since I already have somewhat colored preamps, I figure that a 4 or 8 affordable relatively clean preamps would complete my setup nicely.

Why ask that now when the ASP is not out yet, well I got a FMR proposed for 250$ CAD (200$US) and I was wandering if it wouldn't be a better choice to buy this one and another one later..
I can't find the db power of the Audient's but they talk about console pre, which makes me doubt the quality..
The RNP is said to produce more than 60db, but I don't know how the noise ratio is.

I need to figure if any of the to are worth it at all.

I'm looking for at least 4 channel in a 1U space (below 1k) and saddly I don't have the budget for a Daking or API or something of that caliber..

Honestly If I had a 2U space left, I would also consider a used ISA 428 because I like the ISA very much of there ton of clean gain... ;)



Boswell Sat, 08/08/2015 - 15:17

The Audient ASP800 specification says 70dB of gain on the microphone inputs.

I haven't heard an ASP800 yet, but if the audio quality is similar to (or even better than) the Mico 2-channel pre-amp, it will be a cracker. Ignore the distortion, iron and harmonic generator features.

I assume you will be using the ADAT outputs, but if you want to use the analog outs, you will need a Tascam 8-channel cable.

pcrecord Sat, 08/08/2015 - 21:44

I have 2 choices, either plug it to the RME analog inputs or the ADAT, I actually use the ADATs for the UA 4-710 on which I plug my 4 ISA preamps...
I'd need to test which sound better.

70db is nice. Audient says they are using the same preamps in all of their units including consoles.. so it should be the same as the mico.. I'm gonna research this..

Do you think they are superior to the FMR RNP ? If so they will be a nice deal ! the RNP is 475$ for 2 channels and the ASP 800 : 8 channels for 800$ !!! (1k in CAD)

Boswell Sun, 08/09/2015 - 05:31

You would have the flexibility of trying it both ways. The AD conversion in the Audient products is excellent, so it's an obvious match for the ADAT inputs of the RME, particularly since you can use S/MUX protocol to give you 96KHz on 8 channels. However, you are free to take the ASP800 outputs into the line inputs of the FF800, or even split them 4/4. Don't forget that there are only 10 analog inputs in total on the original FF800, so if you use 8 rear-panel line inputs, you have only XLRs 9 and 10 free to use on the front panel.

How the Audient ASP800 compares with the RNP over a range of material I can't say. I'm very familiar with the Audient sound as I have a Mico that gets a fair amount of use, but I've only heard an RNP once, and that was with a vocalist whom I thought it didn't suit, so it wasn't a fair comparison.