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I thought I’d share this because I’m pretty pleased with what I have done. Pre-covid we recorded a show in a theatre and ended up with a hard drive full of the video clips from cameras and the sound files recorded from the M32 to a MacBook. I started to edit it and as most cameras got wrecked at some point by non camera people we had working them, the usual wobbly bits, blurred bits, poorly framed bits, I ended up with a project with lots of small clips in the right place that were in sync. I backed up these to a spare drive. Trouble was, I backed the files to a single folder and forgot that my naming system would fail if they came from different songs. Each song had a file called pandb1, pandb2 etc. my mistake was taking them from song folders and putting them in one backup folder.  The computer renamed some, but then at some stage duplicates got deleted by some housekeeping app. A train wreck. After covid, I found the backup, but saw a mess and gave up. I spent yesterday putting clips back in song folders by watching and listening, and got a reasonable number of them back. The premier pro project file was long gone, so I found a start to finish wide shot, and then started to place each short clip in the right place on the timeline. Some gaps, like no drummer at the very start, and a vanishing keys player for the second half, but I got there. Luckily I do have the intact audio, well actually a start to middle, and middle to end which I just overlaid in the middle, but the audio is continuous. Most of the video clips have hugely distorted audio, so my sync was really drum sticks, guitar left hand and mouths opening. It worked pretty well. A whole song rebuilt from dozens of little bits. Most of the clips were the end of one song and the start of another, and I don’t know how this happened, I can’t imagine I would have done this on purpose it makes no sense, so maybe the system I used to save out the small clips had some time offset applied which messed it up? I don’t know. I have a few hours spare today so might see if I can find enough clips for some more songs. It’s a nostalgia project because as I’ve mentioned before the band is no more as our keys player passed away. 



paulears Thu, 04/06/2023 - 02:45

Funny you mention the bass - when we moved to IEMs, I rarely had the amp on, and nobody noticed - the bass was just DI'd - not effects at all - just EQ at the desk, max on all the bass knobs! Weeks later the keys player pulled his IEMs out accidentally and told me after "Your bass amp failed, did you know?" I told him it hadn't, I just didn't turn it on!