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Any infos and opinions about this mic?



anonymous Wed, 07/25/2001 - 06:36

I don't know the difference, but I have the Gefel M70 released just after Berlin wall fell, and I liked it better than Neuman U87, (I understand the M70 was Mr. Neuman's design as well), but the newer Neuman M149 is unbelievably better for vocals, to my taste. I'm told Celine Dion uses it with an Avalon 2022 pre, but that could be yak-dung. It's not hard to believe, though, because that's my setup after trying Focusrite 110, Avalon 737, and an older Manley tube pre. For what it's worth. (by the way, I'm no pro, just a hard listner with a hightenor/baritoneeee voice and a scientific approach to ----art?)