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getting started with a fostex VR-800 need help

hi, i baught a vr-800 on ebay $120 i havnt paid for it yet, but he sais it needs a harddrive, is that gonna cost me much? also i was hoping to use an analog mixer with it, i see some decent old mixers on ebay cheap enough, is there a way i can use an anolog mixer with the digital recorder?
im completely fresh to this sort of thing, so i got idea what im doing really,
im thinking buy somthing else but i do want plent of mic inputs, for drums and all that.



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Greener Mon, 05/26/2008 - 06:39

Nope, from what I see of the vr800, it's all digital.
You would need some form of A/D (Analogue to Digital converter) betwixt (between) mixer and vr800.
Getting an hdd for that thing would be cheap enough. I read that there are issues with the size of disk it can handle and that you can patch it to handle the larger drives although it is difficult.
If you want to use it though, I suggest getting a digital mixer with ADAT or SPIDF outs.

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riffermaniac Mon, 05/26/2008 - 18:52

thanks for that, ive been looking at mixers, and i can never find anything that sais if they have adat or sptf'n whatever its called in/outs or not
i havnt paid for vr-800, im thinking not bother,

Im thinking a Boss BR-600 might be an affordable option, but it only has two track simultanious recording, and no xlr imputs, are there phantom powered analog mixers that can mix 4 channels of drum mics for example at the right volumes etc, and run em into a singe 1/4in out, so i can run it into one of the BR-600 inputs?

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Boswell Tue, 05/27/2008 - 04:28

Since you've bought the VR-800 on Ebay, you will have to go through with the deal now, even if you just fit it with a cheap IDE disk drive and re-sell it as a unit with added value. I have to say that $120 for a VR-800 with no drive seems on the high side.

I have a VR-800 fitted with a 40GB drive in my hire stock, and it gets taken out occasionally, usually coupled with a VC-8 8-channel ADC. That pair forms an entry-level solution for people who want multitrack 20-bit recording from domestic level (-10dBV) unbalanced inputs. You still need mic preamps of some sort, such as are provided by a mixer with direct channel outs.

I think you would be better off re-selling the VR-800 (fitted with a drive) and putting your money towards a multichannel digitzing preamp to work into a computer for recording.

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riffermaniac Fri, 06/06/2008 - 19:55

i told the guy i baught it from to shove his peice of crap up his ass!
nah just kidding, i just asked him if i can give him $20 and he can resell it, i baught a Yamaha MT8XII cassete one, its everything except the mics, and its doing the job, so im happy for now, ill get a laptop and decent interface later, after ive got a decent collection of mics n stuff, at leat with analog were forced to learn to keep our takes tight, which is a good thing.