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I'll be recording pop grand piano on a Yamaha in a few hours. I plan to use a spaced pair, but not too far away from the piano, because the room sounds bad, and I want to capture as little room as possible, but at the same time, not too much attack from the hammers, so it doesn't sound harsh.

I can use 2 Shure KSM32's or 2 AKG414's. Which one would be your choice for pop piano? (the mics will be in cardioid, to get as little room noise as possible) I'll try both of them before the recording, but I'm wondering what you guys would do.



stickers Sat, 04/01/2006 - 10:06

this is what i would do. Some sort of stereo configuration inside. I think i'd do spaced pair but not too far apart with the mics angle outward a tad. Then outside the lid/body of the piano some sort of stereo configuation with mics pointing towards the rear of the piano.

Then to top that of stick a couple of dynamic mics in two of the sound holes.

but if you want keep it simple just pick two mics and fuck around with placement till you smile.

FifthCircle Sun, 04/02/2006 - 13:09

Which 414? If you have EB's with CK12 caps, I'd go for those. If you have a TLII, those would probably work well. If you only have BULS's, I'd probably go for the shures.

To be honest, I'd probably reach for a KSM27 before the 32 on piano. Probably one of the better "bang for buck" piano mics out there...