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Hi there,

I'm trying to find some information on a pair of WSW compressors, I
just bought on eBay, but I haven't got much luck so far!
So I was hoping that maybe someone here, had some knowledge of these
and know were I can find some history and manual/schematics?

I have newer heard of them before. The only thing I know is that it
was Siemens who build them for WSW in the sixties...
Does anyone know if they are comparable to Siemens U273 comp's or

The only info I got is a number from the faceplate of the unit saying:
K. NR. 601433 and serial numbers 441 and 442

Here's a picture from eBay:

It would really help me a lot!

Thanks so much!

Best regards,


anonymous Sat, 03/06/2004 - 12:27

hi ziggy!

i own three wsw compressors. they are not the same as those on ebay, mine are 2u rack size (little wider actually so they dont fit in normal rack) . as i know they were built by phillips for use as am radio final limiter. there are two models, difference is that one has additional peak limiter. the ones i own have really special agressive sound (they limit like hell!!), but they are a bit noisy. those ebay wsw comps look like modules from tape recorder or console, i saw wsw mic preamps in the same frame.