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Hey guys...newbie here. headphone monitoring question

Hi all...I just put a project studio together and it's not quite complete but it is in the stage that I can get to work IF I knew what the heck I was doing.

Brief rundown.

I'm using a RAMSA WRT812 console which is way more than I need but it had an outstanding price and I really liked the sounds of the preamps on there. I have that going via RCA 8 channel snake to the inputs of a MOTU 2408 (first model) into my computer.

I'm using Cubase SL as my software.

My problem right now is headphone monitoring. The headphone amp on my MOTU is not loud enough to hear over tracking. I'm doing everything in the same room so for louder guitar tracks I have to have some volume. The headphone input on the RAMSA console I believe will be loud enough....the trouble is I don't know exactly how to get it to work which is the reason for this thread. :D

There are 8 RCA outputs on the back of the MOTU. The first two say (L:R) indicating a stereo out. I've taken an 8 channel snake I have which is RCA to RCA and plugged two of the cords OUT of the MOTU and INTO the 'tape in' of channels 1 and 2. I switched the selector on each channel from 'mic' and 'line' to 'tape' to see if I could hear anything. When I played the track back in Cubase I could not.

I also tried routing into the 'return' of the board but that didn't work either.

What am I doing wrong? I'm completely new to using a console btw!

Thanks for your time guys. :)


TeddyG Sun, 04/10/2005 - 08:58

Just doing a Google search for your Ramsa, I don't see anything useful? I guess Ramsa isn't sold in the US, anymore? I found only one or two mentions(No pix or other info) of this model.

Do you have a manual for either the Ramsa or the MOTU - preferably both? With no manuals and little experience, you are going to be doing alot of playing around to get the things to work together... Seriously.

For instance - tape-in - may be only routed to the speaker outs to be used(Almost) exclusively for "between sets" cassette music for stage performance..? It probably IS usable, but maybe not quite the way you want...

Is this console(And the MOTU) "all" RCA plugs/jacks?

Meantime, keep trying things and keep asking. Hope someone else will jump in here and give you some advice... As a non-tech, it took me two years to get my Mackie 1202 wired-up right to use with my computer sound card(Finally found someone who actually knew!) - and that's one of the most-used consoles in the WORLD!!! By now, EVERYBODY should know. Nobody did(Or would tell me?)...

Meantime, you should be able to go from the "main" MOTU l/r out to any RAMSA l/r(Or seperate channels) in, though you may have to use 1/4" or XLR cables/adapters, whatever. When you do this(Go in/out to the console at the same time), you must be careful of what's turned up - to avoid feedback loops.

Good luck,

Teddy G.

SturmerChilton Sun, 04/10/2005 - 19:05

Hey Terry thanks a lot! Unfortunately I bought all of this stuff at a second hand music store in Nashville so I don't have any manuals. People who were more familiar with consoles would have no trouble I'm sure, I'm just not one of those people.

All of the ins and outs of the MOTU are rca and the tape in is RCA on the console as well as the direct outs of the console. The Line in is 1/4 inch. I was thinking about what you suggested as well, so I may need to snag an RCA to quarter inch cable and see if I can't get the line in to work.

soundfarm Mon, 04/11/2005 - 12:30

I/O routing suggestions

Hopefully I can help. Never used a RAMSA console, but the I/O (input-output) principles for most consoles are the same. Here goes:

Assuming there is a tape input and direct output for each channel of your RAMSA console, basically it sounds as though your cubase PC is functioning as a digital multitrack recorder. For wiring, you should have the "tape outputs" for each channel of your board running to the inputs of the motu (which should be an RCA to RCA connection). Then, you should have each of the outputs of the motu running to each of the tape inputs on the board for each channel. So, each channel of the board should have a tape input and output to the motu unit.

In cubase, you will need to configure the input and output of each track to correspond with the input/output channel of the motu. So, on track 1 in cubase, you will need to configure the input 1 of the motu and the out-bound signal to output 1 of the motu interface. This will allow you to play back and mix through the console with your plug-ins and effects in cubase.

As far as headphone monitoring, you are better off using the headphone amp from the console. If the console has a headphone amp out or auxillary stereo output, you may want to purchase a headphone amp for added volume.

As far as contolling volume in a one room environment, there are several options. You may want to consider buying a couple of sheets of auralex (20 bucks for a large sheet), and some wood and make an isolation box for guitar and bass amps. For acoustic guitars, you can build a make shift iso booth with cheap box springs from liquidation stores such as big lots. I have found this to be VERY effective.

Just some thoughts. Hope this helps! If you need further assistance, let me know and I'll be happy to help.