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I am an experienced guitar/bass player but a newbie at digital recording, and I seriously need some advice/help here. I have written this what I think is an incredible jamming song. However, it has a variety of tempos. For example, the Intro's tempo is at 75 according to the display screen as I play along with a preset drum pattern. The intro transitions into the verse and it's tempo is 120, again, according to the display screen as I play along with the preset drum pattern. After the verse it goes back to the intro at a tempo of 75, then into what I call a fill/solo at a tempo of 95, which transitions back to the verse at a tempo of 120, and ends with the intro at 75.

I need help with two things:

1) How do I record drum sounds to the song? The manual tells me how to play, create, modify them. But it does not explain how to record them to the song.

2) How do I keep perfect time throughout the song as the tempo changes? Here is the problem and what I have tried:

I start the preset drum pattern at a tempo of 75 and begin playing the intro. I have perfect timing throughout the intro. Problem: It immediately transitions into the verse which is at a tempo of 120. So, I recorded the verse on track 2 and transferred it in place over on track 1. Problem: with the different tempos on the same track, the measures and beats in the display are different. For instance, where the intro ends at a tempo of 75 is at the last beat of measure 26 which is at 1:23-06.0. Thus, the verse should begin at measure 27. However, when I change the tempo to 120 at that precise time, the measure on the display screen changes to 42-3-00.

So, questions 1 & 2 kind of run together but I am trying to explain the problem as clearly as I can at my limited level of knowledge about digital recording.

I sincerely apologize for the length of this message, and I would sincerely appreciate any help that anyone can provide me, even if it's a place that I can go to figure out this/these problem(s).

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


P.S. Feel free to e-mail me at

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