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hey I'm looking into some monitoring for mixing around the house in various spaces, while its being re-modeled and the setup moves around from room to room. I'm just wondering if its worthwhile to have both mixcubes, and NS-10's, ie, are they conveying the same information. other references include a bose theater system, Alesis monitors one mk3's, and possibly a set of Yamaha HSM (8's or 5's) with yammy sub, or some krk rokits. the Alesis and bose are hifi voiced, so I'm looking for something to convey the mid range well. ill probably be powering the NS-10's/Mixcubes with a crest or crown or qsc amp.



audiokid Sat, 07/14/2018 - 18:57

I will never sell my mix cubes.

Here’s my POV on them:

  • Your ears take a few minutes to adjust to speakers without tweeters.
  • Until I used them, I found it hard to imagine how great something missing a tweeter would be so beneficial.
  • They keep you focused on the mids,
  • Once your ears get used to no tweeters, You learn to curve your mids better.
  • After you do a successful mix, they leave you realizing how distracting tweeters are.

KurtFoster Sat, 07/14/2018 - 19:15

the thing about mixcube type speakers is there's no crossover to create phase anomalies. i like NS10 types because they are a worst case scenario. if it sound good on the NS10s it will sounds good anywhere. Auratones and NS10's and then something big assed (even a set of PA mains) that gets loud and goes tingie tingie woffie woofie. i had Tannoy 12's but i was also fond of those big JBL 4430' s with the bi radial tweeters.

kmetal Sat, 07/14/2018 - 19:52

cool, i appreciate you guys' thoughts. im gonna set my sights on acquiring both. i noticed Joe Barresi had both sitting on his console, on a video the other day, so thats kinda what sparked the question. ive been obsessed with "mains" since using the urie 813c's. maybe ill look into a set of qsc k12/15's since those are my favorite PA style speakers. im thinking the Yamaha HSMs or krk's might be redundant, since the hsm 5's are in the vein of the ns-10's. QSC also makes some really killer looking theater speakers, which have been on my hit list for quite some time. they range from 1200-3k per speaker.

avantone makes the knock of ns's and mixcubes, thats what im considering. ill probably start with the mixcubes in a month or two since the price tag is lower.

has anyone heard of jolida amps? they from Maryland, and make tube based dacs and amps for the hifi sector. they have a 10w stereo amp that looks like it could be pretty cool, and versatile. probably significantly under powered for the ns-10's, or mains, they;d probably fit well with he mix cubes, and bose floorstanding (4") front theater speakers. at $700 its not particularly cheap or expensive, and i noticed they'll do upgrades to it like caps ect, so it makes me think it could be good for me to learn about mods with.