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Hi I have lots of DATs I need to transfer to my laptop. I'm looking for an external soundcard that does a straight digital pass through without resampling, unless told to do so. It needs to have coax in and USB out. Please help with suggestions. I'm open to other ideas to get the music to my laptop without unwanted resampling. Thanks!


martman Mon, 10/22/2018 - 10:55

pcrecord, post: 459505, member: 46460 wrote: Any interface with spdif would do.

Thanks for the recommendation. It looks pretty good! - That said not any interface with SPDIF will do. Many chipsets force resampling of ALL incoming signals (often even if the default sample rate is incoming.) Creative Labs products were notorious for this. I will reach out to the manufacturer and ask about this. Again Thanks!

Boswell Mon, 10/22/2018 - 11:52

It's only some of the consumer-style interfaces such as the Creative Labs that receive the S/PDIF data from a peripheral, perform bit assembly to generate PCM samples, carry out processing (e.g. reverb) on the samples and then re-serialise it to send on via the S/PDIF output to the computer.

Proper audio interfaces such as the Scarlett that pcrecord mentioned pass S/PDIF data on directly to the computer without adding any creative processing.