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I just purchased the MIDI Mix DJ Akai.

I wanted to know how much power consumption it takes.
I wasn't able to find my answer anywhere.

Please help me.
I want to use it on my keyboard.
Regards Norman.

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paulears Sat, 11/09/2019 - 01:27

It's not really what you think of as a mixer. you would connect your keyboard to the computer via am interface, like a Scarlett or something. This gets the audio from your keyboard into the computer. Then the keyboard connects to the computer with it's usb cable (I'm guessing as you don't give any info on what it is). This lets your computer software - abbleton, cubase, logic, reason etc record the midi data fro what you play. The akai mixer uses software to mix inside your computer - the controls are on the akai, but they control the features in your DAW software.

You cannot connect the keyboard to the akai - it doesn't work like that.

Sounds like you've got very confused. Tells us what you have, and what you wish to do. I suspect the Akai may not be what you think it is - it is a control surface FOR a mixer, not a mixer. Just a collection of faders, knobs and buttons that control the in computer mixer you perhaps don't even have.

paulears Sat, 11/09/2019 - 03:54

Then you're stuck - that is NOT what this Akai device is for - it's for controlling DAW in the computer. In fact, none of it's features 'control MIDI', at least not directly.

Tell us what exactly you want to do? Your question on power consumption for example? If you have a synth keyboard, with loads of sounds, and want to record this, make up sequences, edit them and stuff like that - it is NOT done in the keyboard. A few have very rudimentary recording systems but few use them. The computer DAW is the centre of the world - and other things hang off them. Your Akai is a controller for a mixer, that appears in virtually all music apps that run on computers. It cannot control things you don't have?

What MIDI things do you need to control inside your keyboard? Nowadays, most people use the keyboard to send note and controller info. In fact, despite having lots of nice keyboards and synths, I rarely now use their sounds - they come from the computer.

If we are to help, we need to know if you actually have a computer, what interfaces it has, what the keyboard is? (controller, synth or whatever) and what you need or hope to do. With no info provided I don't know what more to say.

The Akai is rather a niche product, a little tricky to set up too - you have to map all those buttons to the on screen ones in your digital audio workstation app on the computer. If you do not have one, it's little more than a nice looking house brick. It won't do anything. You cannot connect that directly to a keyboard.