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All I hear about is how great this preamp was. I could never afford a real one, so I would like to know of a current manufacturer (and model) that makes a great clone. Thanks all.


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anonymous Wed, 07/13/2005 - 18:38

You might also want to check out Seventh Circle Audio. They build three different mic pres and the one called the N72 is based on the Neve 1073. Here's a small portion of what their site says about the N72: "The circuitry of the N72 is exactly the same as that of the BA183/283 amplifier used in the 1272, 1073, and other Neve modules." You can check them out here:

Hope this helps.

Randyman... Fri, 07/15/2005 - 02:23

You can "dew-it" ! As long as you can solder fairly tight joints, and you can follow directions closely, it is cake IMO. These were my first complex PCB assemblies, too. The second module becomes easier, and by the 4th module, you feel like you are ready to open your own shop ;) .

Tim Ryan has an online forum for help and tips/mods, not to mention Tim's excellent service. I had an issue assembling the N72 (my fault - I put a nut on the wrong side of the PCB, shorting out a few components :( ) and Tim fixed the board, and had it back to me in like 3 days! Oh yeah - all that for FREE!!!

I'd recommend a descent regulated temp soldering iron for the job. I bought the Weller WES-51 for $100. Using a small cone tip is also a good idea. The less solder, the better...

Seventh Circle gets my "2 thumbs up" for sure.