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Hi - just registered today and been looking back through the forum archives - so much info! great site.

Just wondering if anyone knows the moog settings used on the intro sound by the wailers on "stir it up".
Or has anyone found or created a similar patch for the malstrom synth on reason ?


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anonymous Sun, 06/20/2004 - 05:03

Hi Josie.... I was member of one of the best reggae bands in Brazil, I love Bob Marley's sounds, when we think about reggae Keys, we usually come with organ, "moog", piano and clavinette ideas... I love these sounds.... of course, you'll need the real thing to do that sound.
I already recorded thousands of reggae albuns, and I did try almost everything, virtual instruments, hammond, moog, synths etc, the real source changes everything, even if your triton has a great clav sounds, it will never sounds like a real clavinette, unless, of course, if you don't get the right sounds, or if you didn't mic it right etc, it already happened with me, and sometimes, a synthesis, will sounds better tham the original sound.... try to see the sound in your mind, if there's more attack, less attack, listen to the essence of the sound and get something alike from your source (even though, you might listen to one sound and know from where it came, and know more or less how they get that sound and how they processed it, if there's ressonance, if it's harder than softer, if there's any effect added to that sound, if it's organic, if it's electronic, if there's any frequency filtered etc) ... if you want that specific sound, buy the same instrument.... I don't know if there's any moog melody at stir it up specificly, but I do know what sounds they used to get.... listen to some albuns that Lee Perry and Chris Blackwell produced bisides bob marley, you'll find very, very interesting sounds,.... I love Steel Pulse, they uses diferent sounds, sounds that you might think that won't fit at any reggae tune, and they did, and fits perfectly, they inovated, they used to create diferent environments, sounds, drum parts, for example, bass drum attacking with guitars on up tempo, the Police used to do that, after Steel Pulse invented it,.... Steel Pulse is a great influence.... so, when I want one sound, I get it, but there's trilions of combinations that might overcome..... Bob Marley sounds perfect because of his musicianship, not the sounds they get, so, it might be confusing, but, I tryed lots of original sounds, on some projects that didn't have that greatness that u'll listen within Marley's tunes, so, that patches made this project sounds worst than it was.... so, every great moment fits perfectly w/ the sounds..... and will be musicians and technicians arround to get the perfect sound for that great moment, so, if you want that sound, try another, might make richer your song, instead of making it something worst, just because of a matter of taste.

just my advice



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