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has anyone heard of this mic? I did a websearch and didn't come up with anything. Its a big ol' thing.

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anonymous Tue, 03/26/2002 - 13:34

I own it. Guitar Center lets these things go now for about $150. Doesn't have the sparkle of our Neumann though and thus "sits the bench" alot while the Neumann is our "starter". However, we haven't tried it through many preamps, that might make a difference.

Anybdy else have an opinion on this mic, I too would love to hear!

Guest Wed, 03/27/2002 - 08:19

Years ago, I also did an impulse buy of the MK219 because it was so cheap. The 219 is the earlier version of the 319. Supposedly the 319 sounds better because of the redesigned head grill. I certainly hope so, because the 219 was by far the worst sounding mic I ever heard. Some of that may also be due to the famous "quality control" of Oktava - you never know what you are going to get from one mic to another. I seriously suggest trying before buying.

Bill's point about preferring the C3000B to the Oktava is telling. Again, I have an earlier version (C3000) which in my opinion is the 3rd worst mic I have ever used, after the MK219 and the C1000. Now the C3000B may be a somewhat improved version, but it seems that since there are alternatives to "somewhat improved" disasters, they would be worth looking into before jumping on the Oktava.

For the same or not much more money, at least check out the Shure KSM-27 which is getting some strong reviews, or some models in the Rode, Studio Projects, Groove Tube, or Marshall line. There are others as well. These days, there's lots of alternatives.

Guest Wed, 03/27/2002 - 11:48

I thought I might hang onto it only because:

a) I couldn't imagine anyone would actually want the thing.

b) it's so amazingly ugly that it might make a perfect prop for a video someday.

But if you really want it - $50 plus shipping and it's all yours. Comes in original hard black plastic case with the red bear logo. And don't forget that other exciting feature: the flimsiest stand attachment ever seen on a mic in history!

anonymous Tue, 04/02/2002 - 08:13

I have two of them, they were a gift. One sounds great, the other doesn't. Here's a funny story: I was doing vocal overdubs for a famous producer. He has his very expensive tube 47 that you've all heard on many hit songs. I wanted to put my Cheap-ass mic up against his 47. I set them up head to head running through the same pre's and compressor (channels 1&2), and recorded into ProTools. While we were comping takes, I cut in one of the Oktava tracks in the middle of a line, and no one could tell the difference. Only when the singer REALLY leaned into a phrase could you tell a SLIGHT difference - the 47 was a little thicker/warmer under stress. I put the original 47 take back in and continued working. I never told anybody, as I didn't want to hurt anyone's ego, but it was an interresting and eye opening experience. Music is important, gear is not. ;)