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I did a query of the subject and it appears the Slate Digital Raven was last discussed in 2012. It appears that there were no great fans of it at that time. Has anyone experience with this ? Has Slate Digital stepped up to the plate yet ? I'm just curious. I'm working on a MBP 13" laptop. Currently, I use an old HP 19" monitor. I have a mouse, a keyboard, and the Logic Pro X Temote app on my iPad works fairly well, but not great.
Anyway, I'm just tossing the ball into the ring to see what happens ! Thanks.


kmetal Mon, 10/02/2017 - 20:28

They have one at the studio I work out of, but I haven’t used it yet. It seems cool, but I think it’s a bit too early to adopt it. A lot of programs have tablet based apps, including protools (Eucon for iPad, and Samplitude for andriod). I’ve always felt mixing with the faders and knobs on the iPad app for live mixers to be a little shaky and imprecise, and not much more satisfying than a mouse. I’d rather just use arrow key or the scroll ball.

Then there’s the dead pixels, the software updates, I dunno, I just don’t think it’s practical yet. I like touchscreen editing, but for knobs and faders nothing beats the dedicated knobs, or to lesser extent assignable encoders. Touchscreen is just fine for buttons imho. For things like EQ where you have the familliar dots on the graph, touchscreen can be faster than the mouse.

One area that the touchscreen is cool is being able to adjust multiple parameters at once, which can be handy, and isn’t always possible with other control surfaces.

To me the raven isn’t as good as a dedicated hardware fader bank, a knob section, and an app for the tablet to navigate and do some other things I mentioned above.

I don’t seem to see a lot of raven adopters, and I can’t imagine it’s got the longevity a typical fader bank type controller would.

I’d rather digitally controlled analog units than the direction of the raven. Raven is a cool idea, just doesn’t get my interest until it’s developped more. It seems to be somewhat of a novelty or beta imho.