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what are the differences, if any? what are the pros and cons for each?


TeddyG Wed, 02/22/2006 - 09:44

A little vague, here?

So, here a few vague answers.

One is cheap, one is not.

One is very difficult to get good tape for, one is even more difficult to get good tape for.

One costs more to maintain, one does not.

One is harder to find parts for, one is not.

Just to make a 1/2" reel machine(I guess that's what you mean?) "costs more", so it sould be better, though maybe not.

Just to "want" a 1/2" meant that you were willing to spend more, so that's good, I guess.

If you mean, generally speaking, "Is a 1/2" two-track "better" than a 1/4" two track? -- Yes. The tracks are "wider-spaced", for one thing. More like a "divided" highway, than just a thin-line down the middle seperating the traffic. Not as much "interaction" between the two tracks. And, the tracks, themselves, can be "bigger" - a good thing. Larger pieces of mechanical equipment "tend"(I say tend) to run more smoothly(I'm getting very vague, myself, now.), with larger parts, more easily made and maintained(Though the tiny, 1/4" Nagra, probably did as well or better than many 1/2", in at least some ways.). Hard to say...

You may find some better answers by going to the web site of "ATR Services", in York, PA. They "re-build"(Redesign and Remanufacture, actually) 1/2", 2-track machines for the "super pros". Far as I know, they don't bother re-building Tascam, Teac, or Otari(Or Ampex, Nagra or Studer?) 1/4" machines? Be lots cheaper! If not, maybe they'll tell you why...


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