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hi,i connect with a digital cable (rca)from my S/PDIF out to digital in in my soundcard,but my sound card have nota coaxial jack,just a normal plug,so i find a coaxial jack adapter and it fit,but no signal ?
i hope somebody can help me, thanks
martin. .


Opus2000 Wed, 03/20/2002 - 09:04

Huh? That makes no sense...SPDIF is SPDIF..RCA jack..if the sound blaster doesnt have a coaxial input for digital than it's not adapters needed..sounds to me like you are confused possibly into thinking that the SB card has SPDIF when it doesnt..if you are going from RCA to 1/8" jack then that is not going to work at all....

Opus2000 Thu, 03/21/2002 - 16:34

Well...check your IRQ's to make sure you dont have a conflict. Also how much memory do you have? What OS? What processor? What need to give us way more information than that...
I deleted your other post since it makes no sense to have multiple threads on the same topic..keep it in this thread for other people to research..if one thread contains the same issues with a solution it makes life easier for others to read and follow. M'Kay?
Give me more specific details and maybe we can help ya out

Opus2000 Thu, 03/28/2002 - 15:48

hi opus,i can not find conflict,s

Right click "My Computer"
Select "Properties"
Select the "Device Manager" tab
Double click on the "Computer" icon and you will see a complete list of all the IRQ's in use. If you see more than 2(two) of the same number you might have a conflict. I say
might becuase some devices CAN share and wont cause any problems. You might see IRQ for PCI Sharing or something like that...that is not an IRQ conflict...normal configuration if you see that with a's when two "devices" are sharing the same IRQ is a problem.

Did you try reducing the hardware acceleration for your video card?

where can i do that,and how???

Start menu>Settings>Control Panel>Open Display Properties..Settings Tab...Advanced button on the bottom>locate the hardware acceleration slider on one of the tabs..reduce it down to the second to last setting...

Let me know