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Thinking about investing on SSl 2+ for 4K audio recording need your opinion on whether or not its good enough or are there any other brand that is better at the 4K recording in reasonable price. Any help will be appreciated 

Thank you

Ps: Buying it from a store near me…


audiokid Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:45

In regards to pro audio, $229.99 for an AD converter with preamps is very cheap so I doubt it's much better in sound quality to others in the same price range. The thing I would be most concerned about is how the converter responds with your OS, USB port and your DAW.

Looks like a nice simple 2 channel.

Solid State Logic SSL 2+ – 2×4 USB Audio Interface

Boswell Sun, 09/26/2021 - 10:24

I've used several SSL large-format desks, but not this low-cost 2-input SSL box. However, from my experience with SSL gear, my guess would be that it is solidly engineered and sounds good. The published noise level at the microphone inputs is unbelievably low, so it would accept inputs from ribbon and other low-output microphones without the need for an external signal booster. In fact, the maximum input level of +5.5dBu (at minimum gain) might be a little low for high-output condenser microphones capturing loud sound sources.

I would not put too much emphasis on the "4K" part of the name. The built-in emulation of the type of distortion imparted by an SSL 4000-series console means that this exact effect is unlikely to be offered by other manufacturers. Having seen the evidence of what the 4K emulation on this little box does to an input signal, I even started to worry about some of the recordings I had made over the years on their full-sized consoles. Still, they sounded good, and that's what mattered at the end of the day.