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I use Digital Performer 7.24 for the Mac.

When I hit spacebar, the vertical line cursor stops. So I can see where I stopped and start again from that point or insert a marker.

I was looking around DP and changed the setting to automatically rewind the cursor to the beginning. That is convenient sometimes, but when I want to put in markers, I cannot find the place where the marker goes.

How do I cancel the auto-rewind setting? I want the cursor to stop when I hit the space bar.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


DonnyThompson Tue, 08/15/2017 - 02:08

I'm not a Digital Perforner user, but most DAWs share the same features, they're just sometimes called different things and located in different spots from program to program.
If you have a "Play Settings" or "Play Options" menu, it would likely be in there as something like 'STOP cursor at current location", or, you might simply look for the "auto rewind" feature and unselect it, (or uncheck it).
If no one else here can give you a more detailed response, try YouTube, and do a search for "Digital Performer Instructional Videos". Or even get more specific in your search and type in "Disabling Auto Rewind in Digital Performer".
Let us know what you find out.


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