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hey what are some good mixers that can work with pro tools
that are not digidesign, and can be set up to where each drum like bass, snare, and toms are on each individual track.


hueseph Fri, 06/05/2009 - 01:06

The only mixers that will do what you want need to be connected to a Digidesign interface which supports the number of inputs you need. In which case you may as well spend the money on a Digi 003. If that's not enough inputs for you, you can add an 8 channel preamp with ADAT out and send that to the 003.

As Guitarfreak said. Mixers are overrated. Most home users mix inside the box nowadays anyway.

And, before you ask, there is no way you are going to record more than two channels at a time to separate tracks using a two channel interface whether it be Digi or M-Audio. You will always be limited by the number of simultaneous inputs on your interface. So be on the lookout for Firewire 'cause it ain't gonna happen with USB.......yet.

Boswell Fri, 06/05/2009 - 02:04

Re: what r Good digital mixers that are compatible with prot

pkokkinakos123 wrote: hey what are some good mixers that can work with pro tools that are not digidesign, and can be set up to where each drum like bass, snare, and toms are on each individual track.

Three scenarios come to mind here:

(1) You have recorded to PT, but want the feel of a physical mixer for the mixdown rather than using a mouse on the screen. If this is the case, what you need is a control surface, which mimics a mixer but actually controls the mixing inside ProTools. Several manufacturers (including DigiDesign) make units that can work as control surfaces.

(2) Having done your multi-track recording with ProTools, you want to mix outside the box, and capture the two-track mix back to PT or to a separate 2-track recorder. There are two basic ways of doing this: (a) analog - replay your tracks via the analog outputs of your DigiDesign hardware and use a line-level analog mixer. Re-digitize the two-track mix. (b) digital - use ADAT lightpipe outputs to a digital mixer and send the mix back to PT via another lightpipe or S/PDIF. If you have M-Powered PT as opposed to PTLE, you could use an M-Audio Profire Lightbridge to replay up to 18 or 24 tracks at once.

(3) You want a latency-free monitor mix while recording to PT. You could do this either with a microphone splitter going to the PT hardware and to a conventional mixer, or use a mixer as the microphone pre-amps and take the channel direct outs into the PT hardware. If you used a digital mixer, this output could be ADAT lightpipe. More than 8 channels would need an interface such as the Lightbridge mentioned above.

One configuration that would work for all the three situations listed is a Yamaha 01V96 and M-Audio Lightbridge. The 01V96 can act as a PT control surface, and it can send and receive up to 24 channels via ADAT lightpipe. The Lightbridge has 4 lightpipe ports (up to 32 channels) and is supported by M-Powered PT, at least up to 18 input channels.

Can you clarify what exactly you want the mixer for?

hueseph Thu, 06/11/2009 - 23:14

Maybe I assumed wrong. If I did, I apologize. Do to what seemed to me to be such an elementary question, I assumed the OP is new to ProTools and probably recording in general.

He's asking for a mixer that will allow for each instrument to be assigned to it's own dedicated track. Well any mixer will do that so long as the interface supports it. If I was jumping the gun, again, I apologize. It would be nice if the OP would elaborate on his question.