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Political content…

Have a listen to this video (all the way through) and write a song based around its content. If you are not a songwriter then maybe you could be an inspiration towards producing or recording content like this. People are starving for hope. Wake people up!

Those that suppress free speech ūüôą, choose to cancel content like the current governments are doing¬† is no different to those that supported the gas chambers.

Research this and find out how this is happening again. Start making a difference using your musical talents to unite people. Wake people up.

Become part of the recording industry freedom movement! Be a part of positive change that unites people. Learn what you can do in your local area to bring people together.

This video is epic and speaks truth. This man (Chris Scott) is an inspiration. This video will open your eyes to what's REALLY happening in Canada and around the world. 

Use your musical skills to unite and bring people together. Together we can make positive change and unite the world.

Share your thoughts on all this.

A message from Chris Scott…



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