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A band that i engineer has just got an endorsement from Yamaha. We want a Drum Kit. Very Hard Rock, metal. Want a very mordern sound.

Which Yamaha Drum Kit is best suited. The Stage and Recording Customs as Birch. Are Birch and Maple equal ?
Next post on Drum heads.

I do not have much experience with woods vs sound.

Thanks a ton!



Mohog Audio Mon, 08/02/2010 - 20:49

I have found in my experience that tone comes more from the heads, tuning and the way the drummer hits. Not saying the shells don"t play a big role. I own a stage custom and it has been a very versatile drum set. I also change the heads for different styles. The most important thing IMO is tuning, tuning, tuning. Get a drum dial! will save the day more times then you think. A lot of times drummers come in and I tell them to tune their drums up and they say, "i want really deep toms and snare". They do not take my tuning advice then they ask why the drums are muddy in the mix. More often then not, toms will sound deeper in a recording then in a room. Sorry for the rant and in short the stage custom has worked well for me in all types of styles.


MadMax Thu, 08/05/2010 - 02:55

Birch and Maple are similar... but not the same.

After 45 years of playing, I can tell you that heads are important, but only equal to the shells, rims and hardware.

My recording custom's sound much better and are more versatile than my tour customs... for any type of music. That's maybe why they call em' RECORDING Customs....