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I was looking at these ceiling clouds by Primacoustics...they measure 24 inches x 48 inches x 2 inches

Perfect for the area I want to cover above my mix position

Has anyone out there had any experience with or used / currently using this one?

What attracts met to this particular one is not only the size, but its lightweight construction and ease to fit.

I'd be happy to hear from any members who may wish to chime in with their thoughts or ideas on how effective this particular type would be, or if there is something similar they could recommend.

I like the idea of not having to DIY with this pre-fab construction, I'm not too keen on having to fabricate one myself

I can pick one up here in Australia for around the same price taking into account the conversion rate.


- Sean.

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DonnyThompson Thu, 01/07/2016 - 09:00

Well, that's quite a bit more than what I paid for mine - LOL - but then again, I made my own 2' x 4' cloud out of Roxul and OC 703. I have a 3" thick cloud, suspended down from the ceiling with wires by another 3 inches (to increase absorption efficiency...)
and I think I have maybe 30 bucks in it, total.

But, you said you didn't want to do the DIY thing...

I dunno, $ 140 seems awful steep to me, Sean.

Sean G Thu, 01/07/2016 - 15:21

I have been weighing up the DIY option, it may be the way I go in the end.

I absolutely hate playing with fibreglass...I crawled through too many roof spaces in my teens wiring house alarms and got covered in the stuff that I developed a life long hate of the stuff...the thought of it makes me itchy.

I know making a 2' x 4' cloud isn't exactly rolling around in the stuff

OBrien Thu, 01/07/2016 - 16:55

I think if you have an overhead cloud...and you dont mind the difference between store bought cost and diy...get it. It will be an improvement no matter which way you choose.

And it is flame retardant so that is another plus. I spent a lot on making mine when I did. But it was wider and had track lighting directly in the cloud. So I can do diy...sue me;)

Sean G Thu, 01/07/2016 - 21:31

I like the idea of the track lighting...I didn't think of you have me thinking.....:rolleyes:

I have spent the morning at a big-box style hardware store where I purchased some 3 inch x 1 inch softwood for the frame, some corner brackets, a wire picture hanging kit and a roll of insulation product called Earthwool. Its the same density as a fibreglass product, but without the itchy & scratchy.

Next stop was the haberdashery, where I picked up some charcoal gabardine fabric, I chose this as its a hard wearing tight weave which has little stretch to prevent sagging when pulled tight and stapled to the frame.

The Earthwool unfortunately only came in a roll 17 inches wide by 60 feet long, but on the plus side, I now have enough left over to start building some supertraps for the corners and replace the shitty little store bought ones I currently have which I'm sure are doing next to nothing when it comes to taming LF build-up.

Weight wise its pretty lightweight, hence the softwood frame. After constructing the frame 48 inches x 24 inches using the internal corner brackets, I sanded all the edges smooth, then stapled the fabric to one side of the frame, leaving enough to pull back over the frame on the reverse side.
I then cut the Earthwool to size, fitted it into the frame, then stretched the fabric over the top side, folding the corners / edges neatly for a clean finish then stapled the fabric on the top side, although this is not visible...but I know its there and I'm a little OCD with things like that...

All those years in the furniture industry covering dining chairs finally paid off I thought to myself, as I stood back and admired my handywork.

I attached the brass screw-in eyelets to the topside of the frame then made my support cables from the brass picture wire, finishing them off with a small piece of heatshrink over the twist above the loop to give them a nice clean finish. I then marked my ceiling for the securing hooks and by some remarkable twist of fate, picked up the rafters above the plasterboard ceiling, it lined up perfectly, eliminating the need to use plasterboard anchors...
- the acoustic cloud gods must have been smiling on me today !;)

Here is a breakdown of costs in Australian dollars : -

Tasmanian Oak softwood (frame) 24.40
Earthwool insulation roll 30:00
Poly coated cup hooks 2:20
Angle brackets 3:66
Picture hanging kit 4:72
Gabardine fabric 23:00
Total : 96:77 including 10% GST (tax)

* Not having to deal with itchy fibreglass - priceless

And - I should have enough Earthwool left over to start my supertraps....bonus(y)

So thanks DonnyThompson for planting the DIY seed in my brain as opposed to buying the store-bought I'm sure I'll get a greater appreciation every time I look up and think to myself..."I made that..."

- and, it goes without saying that its going to work way, way better than a store-bought cloud for just that very reason !;)

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