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I'm convinced that a lot of people use at least SOME kind of effect when they do hardcore. One that is predominate is a type of delay that doesn't have a lot of run-off. Does anyone know about any other effects they might use? Distortion would help I'm sure. I heard a recording once where, if you paid attention enough, it sounded like a really thick chorus effect that made the warble sound like a hardcore scream.

Any thoughts?

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jonnyc Thu, 07/21/2005 - 08:11

There's probably a million ways to get what you're talkig about. I put one screamer thru sans amp with a lot of distotion and he loved it. I cranked a cheap tube pre up and that gave a decent distortion. I've also layered screams 4 or 5 times to get a nice in your face sound. I'm sure a variety of chorus', delays, and reverbs are used also, it just really depends on the vocalist.